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G8.260 beračica grožđa Gregoire


The G8.260 is a versatile carrier equipped with a DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine developing 167hp and integrating the AUTOdrive, AUTOspeed and ECOdrive smart management devices to give you an exceptional reduction in consumption. Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated power and transmission (anti-slipping, right-left flow) ensure excellent manoeuvring capabilities and great handling. Whatever the work to be performed – harvesting, spraying or vine maintenance – the G8.260 is sure to meet your needs.


The VISIOcenter driver cab offers every feature in terms of comfort (air conditioning, air sprung seat, etc.). Alignment with the row is optimised and 360° vision gives you total control over the surrounding environment. Simple and intuitive to drive, thanks to the large VIEWmaster touch screen, the exclusive MULTIdrive multifunction joystick and the CONTROLmaster lateral control console. You can check all of the machine parameters at a glance, allowing you to concentrate on the harvest.


The G8.260 is equipped with the ARC harvester head. Dual pendular suspension and VARlwidth hydraulic toe-in adjustment ensures careful handling of the vine and unrivalled harvesting quality. With 2600mm of sealing, a 650mm wide harvesting tunnel, 320mm of conveyor belts and two large capacity bins. The G8.260 is a machine specially designed for large yields. The G8.260 is equipped with four fans for an exemplary quality harvest. The on-board Cleantech and Cleantech Vario sorting systems perfect cleaning.


The G8.260 requires a minimum of maintenance. Daily cleaning can be performed quickly thanks to the large space provided in the harvester head. A large, secure platform allows daily maintenance of the machine to be carried out with ease. Preparing your machine for winter storage at the end of the season is very simple and inexpensive. The G8.260 is part of a range of equipment produced by GREGOIRE.


The G8.260 is a versatile carrier that will be of use throughout the growth cycle of your vines. It can house tools on the front lifting tool holder, and in a rear spraying cell. Thanks to the ISOBUS and TOOLintegration systems, the tools are controlled directly from the cab without adding any accessories, as your holder directly recognises the installed GREGOIRE equipment.

Brošuru ovog proizvoda možete preuzeti OVDJE.


For plantations / vineyards
Vine width from 1.70m
Height of 1.95m underneath the chassis
Engine or linkage
Deutz engine (Phase IIIA)
6 x 6l cylinders
Delivers 167 hp at 2100 rpm
260l tank
Four-wheel drive
Anti-slipping TWINlock valves
AUTOspeed speed governor
Hydraulic reservoir capacity of 125l
Filtration on intake and return
Tilt correction of 600mm / 28%
380/85 R24 front tyres
480/70 R28 rear tyres
Torque splitter
Driving and control
VISIOcenter driver cab
Air conditioned cab
Air sprung seat
VIEWpad colour terminal
MULTIDrive joystick
CONTROLmaster lateral console
Job memory (hectares, hours, etc.)
Settings memory
2 cameras
Harvesting module
SOFTfloat pendular suspension
14 shakers with aluminium clamps and rod holders, height-adjustable
Toe-in setting
2×22 sealing scales
Sealed length of 2600mm
Minimum harvesting height – 15cm
Conveyor width 320mm
Distance between conveyors of 650mm
Conveyor speed adjustable with inversion
Audible safety system on conveyors
Centralised greasing system
2 lower fans
2 vertical extractors
2 upper fans available as an option
Cleantech available as an option
Vario available as an option
Viniselect available as an option
2 x 1400l bins
2 x 1600l bins available as an option
Emptying from the rear
Emptying height of 2800mm
Removable harvesting assembly
Front tool carrier available as an option


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